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       Based on our in-house fast depth learning technologies, we have successfully developed the GalileoX series of hardware and software products for different application scenarios in smart manufacturing.

       This series of products will be one-stop implementation of deep learning model training, model testing, online detection analysis, data analysis reports, automatic defect generation, cloud deep learning services. Different functional modules and different products can be selected according to the different needs of the customer's application scenario.

       Current flagship products include:
       Galileo-X: Deep Industrial Visual Identity System
       Galileo-T: Industrial Image Online Inspection System
       Galileo-D: Industrial Image Defect Sample Management System
       Galileo-S: Deep Industry Vision Recognition Cloud Platform

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Galileo-X  Deep Industrial Visual Identity System

The system provides three functions in industrial application: defect identification, object classification, and object positioning, and utilizes powerful functions such as modeling, marking, training, verification, detection, feedback, additional training, and reporting. The requirements for the detection, classification and location of deep learning technology are completely solved in one stop, and the maintenance difficulty and cost in the later stage of the algorithm are greatly reduced.

At present, the project has been officially or ready to be applied in the inspection of high-end mobile phone spare parts production and assembly, food production, tobacco production etc. It is widely used in the apple system, among which glass sheets detection(white glass, silk screen glass, 3D glass, etc.) , metal surface detection, complex component defect detection, food impurity detection, target classification, etc. have completely achieved international leading level.

GalileoX is an Industrial Deep Vision Recognition System based on the “Fast Deep Learning” technology developed by Shenzhen DeepVision Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., which is independently developed by the Chinese and American teams with independent intellectual property rights.

Galileo-T  Industrial Image Online Inspection System

The industrial image online inspection system (Galileo-T), which can be directly integrated into the front end industrial inspection equipment, is designed for use by floor operators. We have fully optimized the user experience, making sure that it is intuitive, simple, and friendly.

Complete function set and easy expansion: Galileo-T products are not limited to the traditional single detection function. We have integrated the online detection module, detection defect re-filtering module and detection data sample feedback module in to the product. The standard interface of the platform is docked, which can perfectly interface with all industrial control systems and equipment on the market.

Highly customizable solution: Galileo-T can customize diferent detection standards according to different products, making test methods and procedures more flexible. During online operations, feedback from human operators can be directly used to improve the performance of the learning system. The detected sample images are marked with false negative and missed detections. The marked feedback information is sent back to the Galileo-X training platform, and the detection model can be trained and upgraded to improve the detection accuracy.

Ultra-large image processing and comprehensive statistical analysis: The Galileo-T system has an independent database management and analysis system that can process inspection data in local or cloud storage. Real-time storage and backup, encryption and compression of test data ensure that data is absolutely secure and confidential. Data statistics, back-checking, analysis, reporting, and auxiliary decision-making are clear at a glance, and a multi-detection device cloud data analysis architecture can be built to coordinate all production line data. At present, the system has many customer application cases.

Galileo-D  Industrial Image Defect Sample Management System

The industrial image sample defect management system (Galileo-D) is applied to sample collection and labeling work phase of deep learning, reducing manual intervention by more than 80%, reducing the acquisition time of 99% of samples, and realizing the "sample-free training model".

Seamless matching of big data algorithms: Labeling big data with over one billion defect samples, combined with powerful automatic attribute matching algorithm and automatic image processing algorithm, seamlessly matching standard data under different imaging conditions, and labeling data itself Make diversified changes to create a large number of sampled samples.

A variety of sample generation schemes: support direct data calls, regional multi-data call, manual operation specified call, etc. It also provides new sample generation with one click, and the label information can be directly trained and tested.

Multi-platform seamless docking: It can directly integrate and interface with the Galileo-X training platform for automatic model training, and provides a standard interface, which can be combined with other similar deep learning labeling training systems on the market.

Galileo-S  Deep Industry Vision Recognition Cloud Platform

Deep industry vision recognition cloud platform (Galileo-S), which is a cloud service platform for deep learning labeling training and detection for small and medium-sized enterprises. Galileo-S runs on training and test servers provided by users themselves or service providers. On the other hand, multiple clients are supported to remotely connect, upload sample data to the server, perform training tests, and download their respective result data to the local.

Galileo-S can significantly reduce the cost for end users, especially for training. Data exchange can be realized through a local area network or a wide area network. The training and test models are not limited by objective factors such as distance. Galileo-S works in conjunction with the Galileo-X client to provide flexible configuration, providing remote customers with ready-to-use, out-of-the-box services, providing more and better application services to early-stage businesses.

  • Product advantages

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  • Support oversized image fast processing

  • Large data analysis of multi device on-line quality inspection, provide reliable decision support for industrial production

  • Joint production deep learning industrial defect detection AI chip

  • Additional training, feedback training, detection accuracy is infinitely close to 100%

  • Fast deep learning technology, detection speed is increased by more than ten times

  • Modular combination, management standard interface compatible with other softwares

  • Cross platform transplantation, can be transplanted to any software and hardware platform

  • Less sample modeling techniques to achieve less sample or even defect-free sample training models

  • Extremely rich actual production line support

  • Extremely simple worker maintenance interface

  • Custom, visual test and test report output

  • Completely independent research and development from bottom layer to the application layer, 100% independent IP rightss

  • Construction of four whole process testing system, wider application in industry

  • Lowering learning threshold for enterprise application through cloud service

  • Running process

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