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Shenzhen DeepVision Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (DeepVision) , located in the Nanshan District Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen, was founded in August 2016 by a group of world well-known experts in AI research (IEEE Fellow and and formal tenured professor in USA) and senior Internet entrepreneur.

Mainly engaged in researching "fast deep learning in the field of industrial visual identification and safe auxiliary driving applications", and provide technical solutions and products. Since its establishment, it has provided fast and deep learning visual recognition solutions for many well-known and leading enterprises at home and abroad.

DeepVision has core technologies such as world-leading machine vision and “fast deep learning” algorithms, and has a leading-edge overseas & returnee deep learning scientific research team and a senior domestic internet genetic product team. We believe that we can quickly grow into an AI application enterprise with a certain reputation in China relying on our own technical strength and Internet thinking.

With deep learning to change industry as the concept, “Committed to building global intelligent manufacturing AI accelerator “ is prospect of DeepVision. Our service concept is “Understanding, Knowing, Helping, Growing together”to sincerely acquainted with customers, knowing their needs with heart, growing together and wholeheartedly assisting with company and friendly partners.

Knowledge Property
ip_1 Driver behavior monitoring method and system, computer readable storage medium patent
ip_1 Defect detection method patent based on deep neural network thermal graph prediction
ip_1 A robust deep neural network learning method patent for dealing with sample marking error
ip_1 Multi depth neural network model cross defect detection method and system patent
ip_1 Quick marking method and system patent for massive image
ip_1 Automatic generation of surface defect
ip_2 GalileoX ROI Manage
ip_3 GalileoX Defect detection system
ip_4 GalileoX Location detection system
ip_5 GalileoX Diversified training system
ip_6 Gali1eoX Deep learning analysis system
ip_7 GalileoX Optimization training system for deep learning model
ip_8 GalileoX Object classification system
ip_9 GalileoX Sample marking system
ip_10 GalileoX Sample diagnostic system
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