• Mobile Phone Manufacturing

For smart phone manufacturing, GalileoX performs qualify inspection for its production and assembling processes, including surface defect detection, welding quality inspection, assembling error detection or correctness verification, etc.

Major Advantages: GalileoX is able to detect and classify defects in very high precision. Based on deep learning, it is particularly powerful in detecting and classifying subtle defects within complex, cluttered and challenging backgrounds, which cannot be handled by existing automated visual inspection methods.

  • 3C Parts Manufacturing

In consumer electronics device manufacturing, GalileoX is able to detect a wide variety of defects for each part and circuit board, including surface dents, damages, spilled glue, solder click through, solder spilling, etc. It can also detect surface and structure distortion of different materials.

Main Advantages: GalileoX is able to detect and classify different defects on a wide variety of surfaces and materials.

  • Glass/Membrane Manufacturing

Regardless of mobile phones, pads, watches, lenses, televisions, automobiles, office applications, 2.5D, 3D white glass and silk screen glass, or similar transparent film products are widely used. During the production process, GalileoX is able to perform a wide variety of surface or process defect detection and classification, including: scratches, chipping, dust spots, oil stains, wool, water ripples, indentations, discoloration, hole deformation, light leakage, perforation, etc.

Main advantages: It solves the important problems that cannot be handled by existing methods, including low classification accuracy, inability to detect water ripples and poor algorithm adaptability.

  • Product OCR

In the industrial manufacturing process, different printing methods, such as laser engraving, imprinting, spraying, etc., are used to print texts on products. Different defects will occur during the manufacturing process, including leaks, broken pens, blurring, deformation, and surface contamination.

Main advantages: Our OCR defect recognition is based on deep learning. It is able accommodate fonts, complex surface background, textures, and different printing quality.

  • Food/Tobacco Processing Industry

In food and tobacco processing, food impurities and tobacco grade classification are two very important issues, requiring professional skills and experience for successful inspection and classification.

Main Advantage: GalileoX outperforms human experts in accurately detection and classification of food defects, impurities, and tobacco grades.

  • Large-Scale Manufacturing Process

For high-precision steel plate manufacturing, surface coating, and other high-precision machining operations, there are strict requirements for surface cracks, scratches, pits, or flatness.

Main advantages: GalileoX has successfully met the requirements for high speed and high-precision detection for such large-sale manufacturing processes.

  • Others

GalileoX can be also applied to other comprehensive applications where the detection, localization and classification task can be well defined, such as garbage sorting industry, robot arm control and machine interaction.

Main advantages: The GalileoX series can solve different problems according to different application scenarios and their needs using four functions: defect detection, object classification, location recognition and OCR detection.